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We are always happy to receive your feedback, please let us know what we are doing good and what you don’t like.

We want to make sure, that You understand, that this is not official Boost Mobile website, we are just trying to help people to find Boost Mobile customer service number fast, because we know how hard it is to do that on their official page.

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  1. After hours of trying I cannot get a person to talk to at Boost Mobile
    Question: We have $.20 pay as you go…..do we get free texting or do we have to pay? If we have to pay then how much?
    Thank you.

  2. margaret gutierrez

    st get a trhe s7ade in

  3. Your customer service is non existent. Phone numbers you have. Actual people to talk to you don’t. Wasting more of my time writing this!

  4. What is there to moderate about my comment???

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